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The Only Way

Simply stated, TarDisk is the only way to expand your Macintosh HD.
Your files stay secure inside TarDisk’s UniBody aluminum enclosure,
we set up the rest and storage increases.

MacBook full startup disk storage bars
MacBook full startup disk storage bars
261.85 GB free of 512 GB
512 GB

Double your HD

TarDisk is like nothing you have seen before. With one click, our Pear technology pairs your memory with ours. Pear™ actually increases the size of your Macintosh HD. Just a little bit of magic so you never run out of space again. More info here…

TarDisk Pear in MacBook

Stylish and Secure

Tardisk goes where you go, sitting perfectly flush inside your Macbook. All your files are right where you need them, when you need them. Precision cut from a block of aluminum alloy, TarDisk stays safe inside your computer.

Apple MacBook TarDisk Pear hard drive inserted with finger

Fast Flash Storage

Slide TarDisk into your SDXC port to instantly boost your onboard storage. Integration is seamless and requires just a finger. Don’t let your digital storage slow you down.