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Back Up Your Computer: It's a Big Deal

Posted by Lou TarDisk on 2017-08-12





These days it can sometimes seem as though our entire lives are on our devices. Our conversations with our loved ones are on iMessage. Our pictures from vacations and outings are on our smartphone. Perhaps even your children's first drawings are now saved on an iPad.

Fortunately, unlike physical photo albums, your files can't burn down, fall apart, rip, or tear. But your systems can crash, be corrupted, or reset. Your data also needs protection just as much as your photo albums.

That's why you need to back up your data consistently. It's like making several copies of documents.  For all you know, a coworker spills her coffee on your laptop - and just like that, all of those files saved on your hard drive are gone.

Who wants to be bothered with backing up, though. We always click "no" when prompted to do so - it takes time, you have things to take care of.

That's why Apple made the process easy. Apple's Time Machine software will automatically backup all of your important files without you having to worry about a thing. Make sure to set up Time Machine to back up.

Because losing your files on your hard drive is not a matter of if. It's a matter of when.

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