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Deleting saved browser passwords on Mac OS X

Posted by Lou TarDisk on 2017-06-16


In this article, we'll show you how to manually clear your saved passwords in different browsers. While it is convenient to have all your passwords saved to different applications in your browser(s), it's a good idea to clear them out every once in a while - your passwords could be compromised by hackers or other malware.

Deleting saved passwords in Chrome

In Chrome, to delete saved passwords, do the following:

  • Launch the Chrome browser.
  • Select History, in the menu bar.
  • Click “Show Full History.”
  • Click “Clear browsing data…”
  • Select “the beginning of time…”
  • Check the “Passwords” box.
  • Click “Clear browsing data.”

Deleting saved passwords in Firefox

To delete saved passwords in Firefox, do the following:

  • Launch the Firefox browser.
  • Select History in the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  • Click “Clear Recent History…”
  • Choose the time range (“Everything”).
  • Click on the “Details” arrow.
  • Check the box named “Active Logins.”
  • Click “Clear Now.”

Deleting saved passwords in Safari

To delete saved passwords in Safari, do the following:

  • Launch the Safari browser.
  • Click History at the top of your screen, in the menu bar.
  • Click on “Clear History and Website Data…”
  • Choose "all history.”
  • Click “Clear History.”

As you can see, deleting saved passwords isn’t difficult, even if you use different browsers. And it’s always good to keep each of them clean - your privacy could be at stake if your computer becomes compromised.

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