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Fixing System Preferences with CleanMyMac

Posted by Lou TarDisk on 2017-07-02

System Preferences files store rules that define how your apps are going to function. These files can be found within each application’s folder.

The problem is that these preference files can corrupt over time, whether due to app crashes, blackouts, or hard drive corruption.

To fix corrupted preference files we're going to have to delete them. That will trigger the app to create a new preference file.

You can, of course, manually delete the files within the Preferences folder (stored in YourHomeFolder/Library/Preferences). But that’s a lot of work since you have to find each of the preference files corresponding to each app - which can take a bit of time when that folder is packed with a lot of Preferences files.

Using CleanMyMac 3 to Fix System preferences

CleanMyMac 3 is a convenient tool that will scan your Mac for corrupted preference files and removes them with a click of a button. In addition, the app's System Junk feature searches  your system and application folders to find other undesirable and nonessential files, not just corrupted system preferences files.

Here's how you use the app:

  1. Download CleanMyMac 3
  2. Launch the application and select the System Junk feature
  3. Click "Scan"
  4. Click "Clean" to finish


That'll clean all the unneeded files in your Mac. You can also choose to only delete corrupt preferences files by clicking on “Review Details” and choosing the “Broken Preferences” box.

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