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Follow these 4 important steps before installing Mac OS Sierra

Posted by Lou TarDisk on 2017-04-13

The new Mac OS Sierra has just arrived for all Mac users, but before you install it, there are 4 important steps you should follow before installing Sierra. Follow each one to have a smooth system migration.

Check hardware and software compatibility

First of all, make sure that your Mac is compatible with the new system:

Then check if that software you use on a daily basis is compatible with the new OS. You should be able to find that info on each software provider's website. You can also ask them by sending an email if you need.

Verify your storage space

Make sure that your Mac's disk won't be overwhelmed by the new system.

If we consider that the original installer from the Mac App Store has nearly 5GB, I recommend that your Mac has at least 15GB of free space. This is because the system will still update a few times after the installation – and besides, it’s always good to have some free space on your HD.

Delete all the junk from your Mac

It is recommended to get rid of all old and unused files before updating to a new system. Having a clean HD is essential to running the new Mac system smoothly.

Consider removing and cleaning junk files, unused applications, caches, unnecessary extensions, old files, and backups, etc.

Make a Time Machine backup

Updates can go wrong and you don’t really want that to happen when you don’t have a backup so you can restore your files later. That’s why you should always make a Time Machine backup before updating to a new system.

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