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How to completely uninstall an app on Mac OS X

Posted by Lou TarDisk on 2017-06-18

Have you ever wondered how to uninstall apps or programs from your MacBook in a way that'll delete all the hidden system files?

People will usually uninstall apps by simply dragging and dropping the selection app into the trash basket. What they may not know is that a lot of these apps come with other files after you've downloaded them, which can remain hidden on your MacBook and that won't be deleted by a simple drag-and-drop uninstall. After a while, these files add up in size and can take up valuable room on your hard drive.

To make sure these files get erased, follow the steps below.

First, go to Finder and tin the search box type the name of the app or file that you want removed.


The program or app icon should appear. (if you spelled it correctly!) Make sure the view the app is in list-form and not icon or columns.

Now you will see all the files related to the app or program you typed in the search box. Click on one of them press Command + A to select all the files.


Now you can drag and drop all of them into the trash basket. Go over the files just to make sure you are not deleting anything that you don`t want to delete. Once you empty the trash basket, all the files associated with an app will be gone forever.


This is a better way than the drag-and-drop-the-app-only method to make sure your Mac stays clean and uncluttered.

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