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How to protect your mac’s most important data

Posted by Lou TarDisk on 2017-04-19


It’s the worst-case scenario: your Mac’s security has been compromised, either through theft or remote hacking. These scary situations are why all Mac users should plan ahead and protect their data in the event of a security breach – whether physical or digital. As the number of Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices stolen or violated increases every year, anything you do to protect your data could be invaluable.

Install Tracking Apps

Apple’s Find My Mac and similar apps like ‘Prey’ and ‘Undercover’ are the first line of defense against thieves who snatch your precious Macbook. All three have the ability to track and lock your Mac, as well as nuclear option of completely wiping its data. Additionally, Prey and Undercover are both able to stealthily take a picture of the criminal’s face, and Undercover has the capability to simulate hardware failure, rendering the device useless and forcing the thief to take it in for repairs.

Use iCloud and Dropbox to Store Less Sensitive Files

No self-respecting hacker would let cloud storage options like iCloud and Dropbox go unbreached, so storing files containing private information with these services may not be the best idea. Of course, backing up personal data like photos and your old college essays to the cloud is probably fine.

Encrypt Your Most Sensitive Files for Extra Security

Even though it is possible to encrypt data through Mac OS X, the process can be complicated and not exactly what you’d call user friendly. Apps like Encrypto can encrypt personal files before sending them to friends or coworkers, but a Mac security software like Hider 2 can be even more useful. Hider 2 represents one of the best types encryption software on the market, fully integrating with Mac OS after installation. Folders and files are dragged directly to the app’s icon, where they are automatically password-protected and hidden from view. Making these sensitive files visible again is as easy as clicking the app’s toggle button.

Although there is no perfect remedy to protect your Mac’s data, you’ll always be one step ahead of hackers and thieves by using these tips. Plan ahead to keep your Mac secure and your important data private.

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