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TarDisk Pear: What is it?

Posted by Lou TarDisk on 2017-07-18

We all know MacBooks are great. But even great devices can be improved. Specifically, storage might be a big problem for you, especially if you bought any of the 128GB SSD models. Upgrading can be complicated - not to mention costly.

But there's no need to go out and buy expensive upgrades. TarDisk Pear is your solution for a fast, reliable, and safe way to increase your system storage.

Small and elegant

Pear is the first ever plug-and-play hybrid drive, which means that Pear pairs an enabled TarDisk to your system to create a hard drive that’s up to 256GB bigger. For example, a 128GB Macbook paired with a 128GB TarDisk will result in a hard drive with 256GB of storage capacity.

About TarDisk Pear
About TarDisk Pear

TarDisk Pear is the easiest way to double your MacBook storage

TarDisk comes in two flavors: 128GB and 256GB to better fit your storage needs. It is designed for everyone who wants to upgrade their MacBook without having to replace their hard drive completely. It's almost like breathing new life into a drive that is almost full, which might be the case if you bought the 128GB SSD MacBook. Find out more about the Pear at

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