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Transfer files from your iPhone to your Mac with "Airmount"

Posted by Lou TarDisk on 2017-04-15

If you use iCloud or AirDrop to transfer your files from your Mac to your iDevice, you can probably agree that the connection between the two devices on those apps is not ideal.

You can always look for different third-party apps that do the same job, but here's the thing: most of them require either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in order to work.

After testing several options and coming up short, developer Neeraj Jhanji decided to come up with a solution of his own – one that didn't need cables, Bluetooth or even an internet connection to transfer files between devices.

Meet "Airmount"

How is this even possible? The answer is: magic! – or at least, that's how they advertise the app. In reality, AirMount creates a direct high-speed wireless connection between nearby devices – think of a pseudo-hot spot just for specific file transfers.

Here’s how to use it

First you need to download the app on both your iDevice and Mac. Once installed, it asks you to activate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth just to pair the devices. The application recognizes the devices very quickly – in a matter of a couple seconds you'll be able to see all your photos and videos from your iDevice organized in folders on Finder. How cool is that?

In addition, there is the “Drive” folder of Airmount, which allows you to create as many folders as you’d like and preview any file from them. When you access the app from your iPhone, you can view different types of files; MP3, PDF, TXT, DOCX, etc. that live on your Mac.

On the Mac, you can edit, create, delete and move files. When any change is made, a notification shows up on the iDevice asking whether you want to accept the changes or not.

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