TarDisk Total Protection

With TarDisk Total Protection, you’re protected no matter what happens. If your TarDisk is lost, stolen, or damaged; or if it experiences a mechanical or electrical defect after our standard one year warranty expires, you’ll receive a brand new TarDisk free of charge! If your MacBook is stolen with your TarDisk in it, the same conditions apply.
For just $3.99 a month, you’re totally covered.

Here at TarDisk, we understand that laptops and data are at the center of your workflow in today’s fast moving world. Don’t get caught flat-footed.
Get TarDisk Total Protection!

Tech Coach VIP

MacBook running slow?
Hard drive out of storage?
Need help figuring it all out?

Schedule a one hour MacBook optimization session with our Tech Specialists!

Get Tech Coach VIP for just $19.99.

Not only will our team walk you through the installation of your new TarDisk one-on-one over the phone, they’ll also take you through a series of advanced techniques to speed up your MacBook and clear up storage.

With Tech Coach VIP, our tech specialists will do the hard work for you.
Let us make your MacBook new again!

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Our Story

After a time-wasting visit to an Apple Genius Bar with a completely full hard drive in my MacBook Air, I simply needed a way to store more files. As someone who uses my MacBook everyday, this solution needed to work without requiring me lug around extra bulk or delete my existing files and programs. The only options available were time consuming, expensive or would void my Macbook's warranty. I could not accept the "official answer", that there were no easy ways to upgrade the hard drive in a MacBook.

Meet the Team

Pierce Schiller

Pierce Schiller

Much like Gandalf, Pierce Schiller is CEO at TarDisk. Before graduating from Harvard Business School, Pierce founded a whopping four startups. He is classically trained as a bioengineer, and is our fearless leader. It’s not uncommon to see Pierce in a white t-shirt and motorcycle glasses. In his free, time Pierce enjoys fishing and spending time in the water, but that’s only when he’s not cooking up new ideas for things to build.


Adam Rouhana

Ensuring smooth operations, our COO Adam, is the go-to problem solver. Adam was previously educated in cognitive science before taking a year to travel 17,000 miles of the globe. Most of the time, Adam is heard blasting pop-songs from the mid 90s (although he claims otherwise) and disturbing those around him with subtle in-chair-dance-moves. Other times, Adam can be found in one of the conference rooms meeting with team members about the future of TarDisk. See Adam’s photography here.

Kyle Horvath

Kyle Horvath

Often seen at the office sporting boat shoes and a colorful collared shirt, it wouldn’t surprise you to learn that in summers past, Kyle worked at Montauk Yacht Club as a bartender and stunt double for the Dos-Equis-Man. Kyle Horvath leads business development efforts focused on outreach and strategic planning. Kyle was generous enough to share a weird fact with us: one time a Siberian tiger peed on him, directly. When he’s not mowing his lawn for pleasure, Kyle enjoys golf, snowboarding, and barbecuing while drinking “good ale.”

Marceau Lecomte

Marceau Lecomte

With Viking’s blood running through his veins Marceau Lecomte, towers over most normal men. Marceau comes to Boston and is the latest addition to the TarDisk team. Marceau is a graduate electromechanical engineering student from Brussels. He has engaged in designing, engineering and dreaming up the future TarDisk products currently under development. From Belgium, Marceau is naturally a fan of the highest quality chocolate fineries. Interestingly, he can unicycle while juggling.

Bryan Knouse

Bryan Knouse

Bryan is a ninja-level web developer. Working on contract, Bryan is often kidnapped for 2-3 days at a time where he is fed only ramen noodels and snickers bars while working 14 hours a day out of the iLab. Normally found kicking ass in Brooklyn, Bryan travels frequently to design websites for clients nationwide. This website that you are checking out now -- yea, he made.

Harvard Launch Lab

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Need to contact us? We are located in Snowy Boston.
TarDisk,LLC, 114 Western Avenue, Allston, MA 02134, USA

Interested in working with us?
Shoot an email over to: jobs@TarDisk.com