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Assisted Pearing | OS X High Sierra


Before you start the assisted install, you must contact our support team at Our customer support agents are available every week day from 9 AM to 7 PM EST, weekends 9AM to 5PM EST. PLEASE DO NOT START THIS PROCESS IF YOU HAVEN'T SCHEDULED AN ASSISTED INSTALLATION!

Create a Time Machine Backup

    Turn OFF

    Boot into Recovery Mode

    Open Terminal

    • From the Menu Bar of the "OSX Utilities Screen", click on Utilities and choose Terminal.

    • how to select Terminal from os x utilities window

      Run DiskUtil

      Use the diskutil list internal command to identify your internal drive and TarDisk.

      Type diskutil list internal in Terminal and press enter/return. You should get some results.

      Take a Picture and contact our support

      After running the command, please take a picture of your Terminal screen and forward to Our support team will help you get your TarDisk peared in no time!