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Compatibility Chart

We support all MacBooks with an SD port through four unique TarDisk variations. To confirm your MacBook model, we offer a simple "one-click" tool for download here.

MacBook Model TarDisk Pear a13a hard drive


TarDisk Pear r13x hard drive


TarDisk Pear r14x hard drive


TarDisk Pear r15a hard drive


TarDisk Pear r15b hard drive


Closed MacBook Air

13" Air

All Models
Closed MacBook 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro

13" MBP

All Models
Closed MacBook 14 inch Retina MacBook Pro

14" MBP

All Models
Closed MacBook 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro

15" MBP

Mid 2012 (10,1)

Early 2013 (10,1)

Late 2013 (11,2 & 11,3)

Mid 2014 (11,2 & 11,3)

Mid 2015 (11,4 & 11,5)

Closed MacBook Pros with CD drive

13" & 15" MBPCD

All Models

*iMac and MacMini computers are partially supported.


Pear your storage.

front of TarDisk Pear MacBook hard drive

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Compatible with:

13'' Macbook Air

All Years

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