TarDisk Total Protection

With TarDisk Total Protection, you’re protected no matter what happens. If your TarDisk is lost, stolen, or damaged; or if it experiences a mechanical or electrical defect after our standard one year warranty expires, you’ll receive a brand new TarDisk free of charge! If your MacBook is stolen with your TarDisk in it, the same conditions apply.
For just $3.99 a month, you’re totally covered.

Here at TarDisk, we understand that laptops and data are at the center of your workflow in today’s fast moving world. Don’t get caught flat-footed.
Get TarDisk Total Protection!

Tech Coach VIP

MacBook running slow?
Hard drive out of storage?
Need help figuring it all out?

Schedule a one hour MacBook optimization session with our Tech Specialists!

Get Tech Coach VIP for just $19.99.

Not only will our team walk you through the installation of your new TarDisk one-on-one over the phone, they’ll also take you through a series of advanced techniques to speed up your MacBook and clear up storage.

With Tech Coach VIP, our tech specialists will do the hard work for you.
Let us make your MacBook new again!

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TarDisk Troubleshooting Tree

TarDisk Is not Working

When inserted does it show up? Remember the gold pins face the floor and are inserted first.

Are other servers in the Rack receiving Power?

Try Different Wall Sockets, Still No Power

The Rack Power is fine, Try different power sockets in Rack, Still No Power?

Check Rack Power (PDU) and Main Power and UPS

Reseat the power cables on the server PSU ,Still No Power

Its an Issue with the wall socket

Troubleshooting Flowchart