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Error: Multiple Partitions

It is important that we do not accidentally Pear your TarDisk to the wrong volume. The Pear installer has a number of safety features built in to prevent this from happening!  


  1. First make sure that you have disconnected ALL external devices. This includes, USB devices, network attached storage and Thunderbolt connections. Restart your computer and try running Pear again. 
  2. If Pear is still giving this error message, please run: sudo tmutil disablelocal You can then try running Pear installer again. (after successfully Pear'ed, run: sudo tmutil enablelocal)
  3. If Pear is still giving this error message, it is possible that you have a bootcamp partition, which must be removed or transferred to a different computer.
  4. If you are absolutely 100% sure that you do not have any additional partitions or volumes plugged into your computer (don't forget network attached storage), it is possible that your system was transferred from an older Macintosh which is throwing red flags, or some other unforeseen error has been flagged to protect you. Unfortunately, this safety feature will intentionally prevent you fromPearing your system as a safety measure. To proceed with Pearing, please restore your computer from your Time Machine backup and begin the Pearing process again. Guide Here
If you have followed the steps above and still receive this error, your computer is not supported. Your TarDisk however can be run as a mobile secondary drive without Pear.