TarDisk Total Protection

With TarDisk Total Protection, you’re protected no matter what happens. If your TarDisk is lost, stolen, or damaged; or if it experiences a mechanical or electrical defect after our standard one year warranty expires, you’ll receive a brand new TarDisk free of charge! If your MacBook is stolen with your TarDisk in it, the same conditions apply.
For just $3.99 a month, you’re totally covered.

Here at TarDisk, we understand that laptops and data are at the center of your workflow in today’s fast moving world. Don’t get caught flat-footed.
Get TarDisk Total Protection!

Tech Coach VIP

MacBook running slow?
Hard drive out of storage?
Need help figuring it all out?

Schedule a one hour MacBook optimization session with our Tech Specialists!

Get Tech Coach VIP for just $19.99.

Not only will our team walk you through the installation of your new TarDisk one-on-one over the phone, they’ll also take you through a series of advanced techniques to speed up your MacBook and clear up storage.

With Tech Coach VIP, our tech specialists will do the hard work for you.
Let us make your MacBook new again!

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Pear is one of a kind

No one want's to delete their precious memories. Now you don't have to. TarDisk Pear instantly boosts your storage space by creating one unified hard drive volume that matches MacBook's speeds. No slowing down, no compromise.

The power of TarDisk is its unique ability to merge with MacBook's internal HD, keeping all your files in place. Install TarDisk in minutes. Enjoy more space for life. By marrying software and hardware we have done all work for you. With just a finger, TarDisk will double or triple your internal MacBook hard drive.

MacBook full startup disk storage bars
MacBook full startup disk storage bars
5 GB free of 512 GB
512 GB

Pear Doubles HD

Yes, it is that simple. TimeMachine backups, programs and everything else in OS X continue to work as before -- flawlessly. The things that you access most are automatically moved to the faster drive. Performance is maintained and even often improved. All with one click...

Your TarDisk is Pearing...

Simplicity that's one step ahead

It may be out-of-sign, out-of mind once you set it up, but TarDisk was precision engineered to seamlessly transform your most powerful tool effortlessly - and because it merges withthe harware and software of your MacBook, it ensures that you’re always secure.

Since traditional hard drives don’t integrate with your computer, they are left forgotten and cluttered. TarDisk goes where you go and syncs with your compter so that you have the latest files right where you need them.

TarDisk Pear - Welcome to TarDisk Pear

Plus 256GB

TarDisk doubles your storage

Never run out of space again

TarDisk has you covered. Double or triple your MacBook storage with the touch of a finger. We’ve already done the work for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy the results.

Built to be Seamless

Just like the MacBook Pro, TarDisk is constructed from premium components and finished inside of a solid aluminum uni-body frame.  Only the best.

Apple MacBook Apple Macbook
  1. UniBody

    Cut from a single block of aluminum, enclosure adds rigidity, dissipation of heat, near perfect color matching.

  2. Gold

    Immersed in 14kt gold, all electrical contacts are engineered for accurate, reliable data transfer. Every time.

  3. Flash

    High-density 16 GigaByte (128 Gigabit) (MLC) NAND dies provide compact digital storage available up to 256GB.

  4. 4k

    Industry leading 4k flash memory controllers, ensure stable, fast access to your data for when you need it.


How it Works

Pear 2.0 by TarDisk enables commands at the root of OS X to logically allocate files between Pear enabled hardware and your original (probably-full-by-now) Hard Drive. Technical Info...

TarDisk Pear - Welcome to TarDisk Pear

Be our guest

Digging through your desk to find an old storage device and plugging it in to transfer data is the past. With TarDisk, your data is automatically sorted out for you - there is nothing more for you to do. Plus, Pear will keep you up and running at MacBook speeds, so you can do what you do best, but better.