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For computers which are experiencing issues with a Peared TarDisk, the next step is to perform a full reset of your system and your TarDisk. This is essentially un-Pearing your TarDisk by restoring from a backup and then re-Pearing it. Perform these steps if any of the following apply to you;

    • Pear installer is getting stuck during the pearing process.
    • Peared system is not re-sizing to the increased Macintosh HD size. (ex: your 128GB Macintosh HD is still 128GB after running ALL steps in the install guide and attempting to "Fix Pear".
    • Computer will not Startup. (perhaps from an improperly removed TarDisk, or physical damage to your system or other).

The un-pearing process can be found hereThis general process solves any issue you have with your computer and removes all aspects of Pear. This guide, which is the equivalent to restoring your system from a backup, can be found here. Make sure that OSX has the latest updates installed, you are running OSX Yosemite or newer and your TimeMachine Backup has been updated. 

If the Pear installer becomes lost in this unPear / rePear process, or if you receive a "your TarDisk has been modified" error, you can find more information, for how to re-activate the TarDisk or how to gain access to the Pear installer remotely.

In the rare even that you are still experiencing issues trying to Pear your TarDisk or trying to run a computer which has recently been Peared, it is possible that something in your system has thrown the Pear a red-flag. In these instances, Pear is not supported by your MacBook.