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What is Hybrid Drive Technology?
What is TarDisk Pear?

TarDisk Pear is an internal hard drive upgrade for Macintosh Computers. Pear provides a unique implementation of a hybrid drive which combines a specially designed solid state TarDisk and your existing solid state drive to provide a single managed logical volume on your MacBook. As the first product of its kind to offer the public access to plug-and-play hybrid drive technology, TarDisk Pear is a combination of the custom designed TarDisk Solid State Disk Hardware and the TarDisk Pear software package installer.

Above is an excerpt from Wikipedia showing a DualDrive Hybrid Drive system similar in layout to a Pear'ed TarDsik


Once TarDisk is installed and "Peared" (a.k.a. the Pear Software is run on a host machine), the Solid-State hardware of TarDisk is merged with your existing Hard Drive to form a single Macintosh HD. 

  1. The new logically merged volume is managed by OS X. 
  2. Internal SSD is primarily used before data is sent to TarDisk.
  3. More frequently used files are maintained on SSD hardware. 
  4. TRIM enabled SSDs maintain original speed benefits of TRIM. 
  5. Read/Write buffer ("swap-space-equivalent") is maintained on SSD to buffer writes to files located on TarDisk. 
  6. Failure modes, if ever encountered, allow for direct restoration from Time Machine backups. 

Performance tests taken with BlackMagic, GeekBench andNovaBench, intended to quantify as many metrics as possible both before and after Pear-ing, show equivalent or slightly improved MacBook performance.


TarDisk Pear establishes a new class of hard drive options to suit your digital storage needs. 

  • TarDisk is NOT a Memory Card
  • TarDisk is NOT an "Adapter" Card.
  • TarDisk is NOT a ThumbDrive or USB stick
  • TarDisk provides an Internal Hard Drive upgrade for Macintosh computers.