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Pearing 2.0


Pearing your MacBook is a simple, but permanent process. To prevent the potential for data loss, please make sure to follow the steps below carefully. Pearing makes edits to your operating system's core storage which results in a Macintosh HD that is additively larger. Obtain a Pear enabled TarDisk, which has not been used previously and follow the steps below.

Create a Time Machine Backup

    "Turn-Off" FileVault

    • • Confirm that your MacBook finishes the "de-encryption" process before proceeding. This can take some time for your computer to process.

      • Learn more about how FileVault encrypts your hard drive here.


      • Disconnect any external hard drive, flash drive or USB device connected to your computer.

        • If your HD is completely full, temporarly move files to an external drive. (Space is needed only temporarily during Pearing.)

        • Make sure your MacBook is connected to power and is running OS X Yosemite (10.10.2) or higher.

        Let's ensure you are ready!

        • • Boot into Single-User Mode; press the power button and hold down the Command and S keys simultaneously until a text screen appears.

          • Type the following command: fsck -fy and hit enter key.

          • After previous command completes, type fsck -fy again until you see a message stating "The volume (name) appears to be OK".

          • To exit, type reboot and press enter key.

          Quit all programs

          Hold down the "Command key" and press "tab" to see programs that are running and then while continuing to hold the command key, press "Q" to quit each program. Or right click on programs in your dock and click quit as seen below:

          Insert Tardisk

          • Slide TarDisk into your SD port. Remember, never use metal to remove your TarDisk.

            Run TarDisk Pear Installer

            • • This process will vary in length based on the size of your current hard drive, and the size of the TarDisk.

              • For some MacBooks, you may be prompted with a separate dialog about enabling “Core Storage”.

              • The installer will ask you to restart your computer up to three times, that's normal and to Pear properly you must do so. Please launch the Pear app again if it doesn't open up automatically once you log in.

              • Pear installer missing? Click here to download!


              You will be shown how much space you have created by Pearing. Your Macintosh HD will now show two HD volumes, however both volumes will show the combined size of the two.

              TarDisk Pear makes space on MacBook
              Enjoy your new Peared MacBook!

              If you have additional questions, please review this guide and confirm that all steps were properly followed. In the event that you intentionally skipped any of the optional steps above (i.e. Step 4), this may be the source of problems now. Before proceeding, please complete those skipped-steps now. If further assistance is needed, please follow instructions for Troubleshooting a Peared TarDisk and read the FAQ.