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It sounds like you might be having issues with your TarDisk involuntarily unmounting from your MacBook! If that's the case we are very sorry to hear about your difficulties but are here to help. Now before proceeding, we must point out that TarDisk Pear technology completely eliminates this issue. However, if you are using a TarDisk without Pear or a Jet Drive Lite or a Nifty MiniDrive, you will suffer from a known limitation. When one of these drives is mounted, your MacBook won’t be able to go into “deep sleep” mode after a few hours in normal sleep to save on battery life. Luckily the problem is not serious and can be remedied. (You can read more about the cause of this problem on the Apple website.)

There are a number of software options on the market to partially solve this problem! These special Apps helps facilitate clean mounts/un-mounts and you should be all set. The two we would suggest are Jettison and Mountain.  





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