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OSX 10.11.4 Fix


On March 21st, 2016, Apple released an OS X update 10.11.4. The update has caused issues for some users running Pear, where the user is unable to boot up as normal. The problem is caused when the user turns "on" FileValut from within the "iCloud Welcome Screen" (this is the default option). Although FileVault is fully supported on pear'ed computers, it will cause issues when turned on like this, as the encryption process is very intensive. For users who turned "on" FileValut from within the welcome screen, and are now having issues, you now must follow the steps below to be able to boot your computer.

Turn-off your computer

Boot on recovery mode

  • Restart your computer into Recovery Mode by holding down Command (⌘) + R keys while the computer turns on. Wait until you see the recovery screen.

    Recovery Mode Screen

    • Click on the red "X" sign to pop up the Choose Startup Disk... option.

      Choose Startup Disk...

      • Click on the hightlighted button on the left, Choose Startup Disk...

        Choose your disk

        • On this screen, please notice that your startup disk is locked as a Encrypted Disk, follow to unlock it.

          Unlock encrypted Disk

          • Select the disk and click Unlock... in the corner. Enter your computer "Password" and click Unlock.

            Peared Disk

            • You should now see your Peared Disk with the correct 10.11.4 updated Mac OS version. Continue by selecting the disk and clicking Restart...

              Restart your computer

              • After you click restart, wait until your computer turns on back again and normally login into your account.


                Still having issues, please contact us at TechHelp@tardisk.com.