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MacBook full startup disk storage bars

TarDisk Peach

Yes, it's that simple. Time Machine backups, programs and everything else in OS X continue to work as before -- flawlessly. The things that you access most are automatically moved to the faster drive. Performance is maintained and even often improved. All with one click.


How it Works

Pear 2.0 by TarDisk enables commands at the root of OS X to logically allocate files between Pear enabled hardware and your original (probably-full-by-now) Hard Drive. Technical Info...

TarDisk Pear - Welcome to TarDisk Pear

Automatic, fast, easy

Digging through your desk to find an old storage device is now a thing of the past. With TarDisk, your data is automatically sorted out for you. There's nothing to manage, nothing to do. It just works. And it's fast.