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How to: Uninstall Pear OS X El Capitain

You have arrived at this page because you have determined that you are running El Captain (Apple's newest operating system), and you would like to un-Pear your TarDisk from your MacBook. This guide picks up where the former guide left off. 


After booting into Recovery mode as explained in Step 6 of the  former guide You will see a window here like the below.  Enter "Disk Utility" and click continue. 

7. The window should look something like the following screen shot. 

(If you find that the Disk Utility on your computer does not look like the image above, and instead looks like this, you are running an older (more friendly) operating system and need to follow the guide located here...)

8. From the File menu select Terminal 
Terminal in Recovery Mode
9.1 You should see a terminal screen with a blinking cursor appear. Type in the following command exactly; diskutil CS list and hit the enter key. 
9.2 You should see results like the below. Notice where it says "Logical Volume Group". Copy this 32-digit number. 




9.3  Type in the following command exactly and fill in the Blank with the 32 digit "Logical Volume Group" number identified in step 9.2: 

diskutil coreStorage delete _____________________________ 
( Ex: diskutil coreStorage delete 35BA0C45-5314-45CB-A06D-6595EE8EDB1D )


 9.4 Hit the Enter key to run the command. Once successful you should see a screen like the below.

10. Once completed, quit terminal by clicking "Terminal" in the top left hand corner of the menu bar, and then "Quit Terminal." Enter Disk Utility. Check that the newly repaired disk is healthy by clicking "First Aid" and then "Run."

11. If the fix worked you should get a green check mark result that reads: "First Aid process is complete, press Done to continue." If you click "Show Details," You will see that an entry appears "The volume OS X Base System appears to be OK." followed by "Operation successful."

12. Exit Disk Utility to bring you back to the Safe Mode Boot "OS X Utilities screen." Click "Restore From Time Machine Backup".

13. Click "Continue" and follow the restore process.

14. Select your most recent Time Machine back up, click continue. Then select your newly repaired Macintosh HD as the destination. Note that the "space available" is the size of your SSD without Pear. 

15. You will see the following dialog. "In order to restore from a Time Machine back up, all current data will be erased, to make way for your backed up data". Click "Continue".

16. The HD will be erased to make space for the data recoded in the TimeMachine Backup.

17. Then the restore process will begin. It can take some time, so let it run without interrupting the process.
 Make sure your computer is plugged into a power supply. 

That's it, you are done!
    A few notes:
    1. This process removes your Pear'ed TarDisk from your system. 
    2. If you would like to use TarDisk again, you will need to activate it by deleting the EFI partition. Please see our FAQ for more information on how to do this here.
    3. If you would like to Pear your TarDisk to your system again, you will need to activate the TarDisk as mentioned in the previous step. Although our Terms of Service specify a one-time-use license, we are happy to help you Pear a second time! Send an email to us with the subject line: "Pear after un-Pear" and the following information;
    • Your MacBook's serial number.
    • Your original receipt. (The email confirmation of your order)