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Fix TarDisk Pear icon
Re-Activate a [formerly] Pear'ed TarDisk

You are visiting this page because you recently un-Pear'ed your computer and now, would like to re-activate your TarDisk. If so, this guide is for you. The act of Pearing your TarDisk modifies the EFI partition preventing the disk from establishing a mount point. We must delete this partition to be able to use your TarDisk again. The easiest way to do this consistently, is from a windows computer, however it is possible to do with OSX.

Option #1 - Automatic Reformat

How to reformat TarDisk using TarDisk Software

With your TarDisk plugged in, download and open the TarDisk Selector Software. Unplug ALL storage devices connected to your computer. From the "Pear" dropdown menu, select "Reformat TarDisk". After the process completes, you need to physically remove your TarDisk from the SD slot, and plug it back in again. Confirm that the process worked by selecting "Where is my TarDisk?" from the "TarDisk Tools" menu. Hopefully the TarDisk is now being recognized in OSX and you can now use it for reading and writing to. If this is not the case, or if you get an error while trying to reformat, please follow one of the manual options below.

Option #2

With your TarDisk plugged in, open Disk Utility. Click on the whole Partition of the TarDisk, then click on Erase and choose the format Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then (if given the option) choose the GUID Partition Map scheme and click Erase. Hopefully the TarDisk is now being recognized in OSX and you can now use it for reading and writing to. If this is not the case, or if you get an error while trying to reformat, please follow the steps below.

Option #3 (OSX - Yosemite)

Turn off your MacBook. Insert your TarDisk. Boot into Recovery mode by holding Command (⌘) + R while the computer starts. Once the computer is running in recovery mode, click on Disk Utility. You should see your TarDisk listed as "Macintosh HD" in red font. Click on it and a dialog should automatically appear that says "repair". Click Repair. If the TarDisk does not appear in red-font, just reformat it, as you would have done in the beginning of this guide. (This process is similar to the un-pearing process for Yosemite).

Option #4 (OSX - Yosemite or EL Captain)

1. In terminal run: diskutil CS list and hit the enter key.

  • 2. You should see results like the below. Notice where it says "Logical Volume Group". You will have TWO separate "Logical Volume Group" identifiers. Make sure that you select the "Logical Volume Group" which corresponds to your TarDisk. Copy this 32-digit number.

  • Identify logical volume group OS X terminal diskutil cs list

    • 3. Type in the following command exactly and fill in the Blank with the 32 digit "Logical Volume Group" number identified in Step #2:
      diskutil coreStorage delete ______________________
      ( Ex: diskutil coreStorage delete 35BA0C45-5314-45CB-A06D-6595EE8EDB1D )

    • diskutil coreStorage delete

      • 4. Hit the Enter key to run the command. Once successful you should see a screen like the below.

      • Finished CoreStorage Operation

        5. After this operation, you can now format the Disk in Disk utility.

        Option #5 (Windows)

        For computer running Windows, make sure that there is nothing plugged into the computer and insert your TarDisk. It is important to verify that disk3 is your TarDisk. In the example below we are going to delete the "1" partition from disk3. We will generally always delete the "1" partition (this corresponds to the EFI partition), however the disk number can change. From command prompt run; sudo gpt remove -i 1 disk3 You should receive the answer; disk3s1 removed. You may now reformat the drive in OSX using Disk utility into Mac OS Extended Journaled and use as normal. If you had difficulty with any of the options above not working correctly, please follow the forum discussion located here.

        To access Pear Installer after Re-Activation...

        TarDisk Pear hard drive logo

        Click here to download the Pear Installer a second-time.