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Download Pear (Front-end installer)

You are visiting this page because you recently un-Pear'ed your computer, re-activated your TarDisk, and now would like to Pear your system a second time. If so, this guide is for you. 

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To Pear your TarDisk to your system again, please begin by sending us an email using this linkAlthough our Terms of Service specify a one-time-use license, we are happy to help you Pear your machine a second time (on a case-by-case basis)! Your email to us must have the subject line: "Pear after un-Pear" and the following information;
        • Your MacBook's serial number.
        • Your original receipt. (The email confirmation of your order)
        • Remember, you need to activate the TarDisk hardware for it to work again. Guide here


Use the automated TarDisk Tool

We offer the option to use the TarDisk Selector Tool to begin the registration process necessary to download the installer.

Register TarDisk