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Refreshing (Restoring) your MacBook is easy.
Just follow the steps outlined below: 


1. Reduce the used disk space on your Macintosh HD to at least 15% below its original size. For example, if your original Macintosh HD size before Pear-ing was 121GB, you must make sure that your current system has 103GB or less on it now.


2. Turn off file Vault.

3. Create a Time Machine backup and insure that you have backed up your data. This step is critical for the restore process. For added protection, in addition to the TimeMachine Backup, feel free to use an online backup as well. 

4. Confirm that your TimeMachine Backup, has finished Backing up.  
(In the example below there are 8 minutes remaining, and you will need to wait before proceeding.) 
Time Machine Backup Progress
5. Turn off your computer.

6. Slide your TarDisk out.
(If you don't have a TarDisk installed then don't worry about this step, move on to the next step!)

7. With the TarDisk Removed, restart your computer into Recovery Mode by holding down Command (⌘) + R keys while the computer turns on. If you need it, here is Apple's official Guide for how to do this! 
Recovery Mode TarDisk
8. You will see a window here like the below. Then enter " Restore From Time Machine Backup" and click continue. 

9. Click "Continue" and follow the restore process.

10. Select your Macintosh HD. Note that the "space available" is the size of your SSD. 

15. You will see the following dialog. "In order to restore from a Time Machine back up, all current data will be erased, to make way for your backed up data". Click "Continue".

16. The HD will be erased to make space for the data recoded in the TimeMachine Backup.

17. Then the restore process will begin. It can take some time, so let it run without interrupting the process.
 Make sure your computer is plugged into a power supply. 

That's it, you are done!
      A few notes:
      1. This process restores your system fixing any existing issues that exist in your operating system which were throwing red-flags to the Pear Installer. 
      2. Feel Free to run your Pear Installer now! 
      3. If you accidentally deleted your Pear Installer, you will need to activate the TarDisk as mentioned in the previous step. Although our Terms of Service specify a one-time-use license, we are happy to help you Pear a second time! Send an email to us with the subject line: "Pear after un-Pear" and the following information;
        • Your MacBook's serial number.
        • Your original receipt. (The email confirmation of your order)
        • The following written statement; "I acknowledge that Pear-ing my machine a second time, removes safety checks which can potential introduce unforeseen errors."