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Shipping Issues

Dear Valued Customers,

On Behalf of shipping carriers everywhere we apologize for any delays and pledge to do everything in our power to help! We know that dealing with the USPS (or any other carrier) is not fun. In most cases, if the conditions below are met, we will immediately ship out a replacement to you. We want to do everything we can to help through the insurance claims process and make it as fast and pain-free as possible. In order to do this we need you to follow two simple steps:

    1. Complete the insurance claims form below and send a signed copy (digital signature is OK) to with the subject line "I have not received my TarDisk yet"Insurance Claim Form: here.
      1. Write your Name
      2. Write you Tracking Number
      3. Sign it
    2. Forward a copy of your original order confirmation email. 
    3. Hang tight -- Help is on the way! 
    We really appreciate your patience, and are here to support you through your insurance claim process. Feel free to fill the form digitally or print it and take a picture with your phone's camera. We will make sure that you are enjoying your TarDisk in no time at all!!

     -The TarDisk Team


     ***Please note that USPS mandates a minimum 30-Day waiting period for claims to be filed. We will do everything we can during this time to help support you!