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TarDisk is one of a kind

No one wants to delete memories - and now, you don't have to.
We have a different TarDisk for each MacBook model.

TarDisk Pear - Welcome to TarDisk Pear

Built to be Seamless

Just like the MacBook Pro, TarDisk is constructed from premium components and finished inside of a solid aluminum uni-body chassis.  Only the best.

Apple MacBook Apple Macbook
  1. UniBody

    Cut from a single block of aluminum, enclosure adds rigidity, dissipation of heat, near perfect color matching.

  2. Gold

    Immersed in 14kt gold, all electrical contacts are engineered for accurate, reliable data transfer. Every time.

  3. Flash

    High-density 16 GigaByte (128 Gigabit) (MLC) NAND dies provide compact digital storage available up to 256GB.

  4. 4k

    Industry leading 4k flash memory controllers, ensure stable, fast access to your data for when you need it.

TarDisk Pear - Welcome to TarDisk Pear

Automatic, fast, easy

Digging through your desk to find an old storage device is now a thing of the past. With TarDisk, your data is automatically sorted out for you. There's nothing to manage, nothing to do. It just works. And it's fast.