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TarDisk 128GB

$ 148.00

TarDisk 128GB, is faster than a traditional USB Hard Drive. It utilizes your computer's SDXC port, and leverages your high-bandwidth PCIe bus connection to directly transfer data to your system when needed. Speeds are fast:

     •  Up to 90 MB/sec (UHS-1, Speed Class-3) 

TarDisk provides an easy way to double (or triple) onboard Storage in a MacBook. Our Uni-Body-Aluminum, Chip-on-Board design, makes it water proofshock proof and generally idiot proof. Removal, if ever necessary is easy - just use a finger to slide the drive out. You can easily corral your storage space hogs, like your large iPhoto library, iTunes collection or DropBox account in a snap.  Most importantly, TarDisk maintains the ability to integrate with your MacBook's native TimeMachine. Feel confident knowing that your files are protected in the event of an accident. 

Determine Which TarDisk Model: It is crucial that each TarDisk perfectly integrates into the computer for which it has been designed. Feel confident knowing we support all MacBooks with an SD port through six unique designs. There is no ambiguity when shipping the right TarDisk to you -- we have developed a simple "one-click" piece of software, (soon available for download in the Mac App Store), that you can use to ensure your TarDisk fits perfectly, before anything is shipped!