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MagC | USB-C Magnetic Power Adapter Cable

$ 299.00

MAGNETIC CHARGING: If you miss the peace of mind of charging your laptop with a breakaway cable, the MagC Magnetic BreakAway cable will help you rest a little easier. The MagC is a familiar design. Its USB Type-C connector disconnects from the laptop safely with magnets. Instantly add a magnetic breakaway charging storage to your 13" or 15"  MacBook Pro.

THIN PROFILE: The MagC’s one-millimeter thick USB-C connector is safe to leave plugged into your charger port at all times. There are no extra parts to keep track of. Unlike imitations which unnecessarily protrude a half inch to a quarter inch, MagC is less than 1/28” thick.

HARDWARE: Seated inside of a precision UniBody Aluminum enclosure, Mag-C takes advantage of USB Type-C charging capabilities developed for standard 2.1A, 5V. (USB Power Delivery Profile 1) The Aluminum enclosure houses neodymium magnets to enable the strong connection necessary for power coupling -- the same general principle and materials found in Apple’s original MagSafe power adapters.

PERFORMANCE: When ”installed”, at computer idle, battery charge is generally maintained and when the computer is sleeping or shut down, the battery is charged. With these processes occurring in the background, the user experience is seamless.

PLUG-AND-PLAY: Slide the MagC tip into the side of your MacBook computer and you are done. No tools necessary for installation or removal and no effect on existing AppleCare. MagC is the worlds first, low-profile, plug-and-play magnetic power adapter.

The MagC supports any USB type-C port found in modern MacBooks or MacBookPros:

  • 12” MacBook 2015 MacBook8,1
  • 12” MacBook 2016 MacBook9,1
  • 13” MacBook Pro 2016 MacBookPro13,1
  • 13” MacBook Pro 2016 MacBookPro13,2
  • 15" MacBook Pro 2016 MacBookPro13,3